Lok Sewa Aayog Questions about Service-Related Subject on 2077

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Time: 3 Hours

Paper: 4Th

Total Marks: 100

Date: 2077/09/23
Subject: Service Related Subject

  1. Define decision making process. Describe about different factors affecting the decision making capacity of a decision maker. And also mention the appropriate matters to be focused in rational decision making. (2+4+4=10)
  2. Critically analyze the positive and negative aspects of current promotion system practiced in Nepali Civil Service and mention implementable suggestions to make it objective and predictable. 10
  3. What types of measures need to be taken to establish an automated administrative mechanism based on information technology? How can we ensure best results in public service delivery in Nepal with the use of information technology? Suggest. (5+5=10)

  4. Briefly explain on vertical fiscal gap and horizontal fiscal gap in the context of inter-governmental fiscal transfer. Also discuss, how these gaps direct to the intergovernmental fiscal transfer. 10
  5. What do you mean by budget cycle? Justify with your logics the statement”Budgeting system is the significant foundation for financial discipline”. Also highlight the major problems associated with the budget execution in public administration in Nepal. (2+4+4=10)

  6. Spell out the weakness of public procurement system in Nepal and suggest corrective measures to be adopted for their improvements. (5+5=10)
  7. Review the existing financial reporting system of the government. Give your suggestions to make more effective the financial reporting system. (5+5=10)
  8. Explain the appointment procedure, functions, duties and power of auditor general and also briefly elaborate the matters of propriety audit. (5+5=10)

  9. Discuss the process of submission and approval of Bill in the parliament.
  10. Why the parliamentary Committees are formed? Discuss the role of parliamentary committee to promote good governance in the country. (4+6=10)

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